RJ 45 Coupler


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  • This RJ45 T adapter is commonly used for converting one single 4-pair connection into two 4-pair connections. Great for phone/fax lines or PBX and data.
  • If you are connecting 2 computers to one internet access, please make sure only ONE computer is ON at any one time.
  • Use with older 4-line analog phone systems which use 8P8C (RJ45) cables. This will split the lines allowing two such phones to be connected to the same input line.
  • This can be used if you are using an “Ethernet cable” (Cat 5/6 cable), with the same RJ45 plugs for a purpose OTHER than computer Ethernet networking. Such examples might be: Analog phone system, serial data transfer, or some other unusual application. It will physically split/share the wiring of an RJ45 socket, into two sockets.
  • NOTE: This Ethernet splitter allows two computers to share one Ethernet line ONE AT A TIME, it doesn’t support both computer to connect onto the internet simultaneously.